General Tarot Reading for Virgo – September 2020

Virgo, the Tower speaks of rapid change this month. Often this change is much needed and overdue and comes out of the blue. The unexpectedness can seem chaotic and feel as though everything is being turned on it’s head. However, it can also simply be a removal of blockages which have stopped you from moving forward and is always an ending bringing about a new beginning which is much more beneficial and to your liking. The Seven of Coins says that this will bring you to question your previous choices and look for alternative ways of living your life in the future, in order to not make the same mistakes. Once this chaos has passed, it is time to take a break and enjoy what has been brought to you and to plan your next step, but now with the confidence and enthusiasm of the Queen of Wands. Know that as this phase passes, you will feel transformed and will have the strength and power to move forward with love and compassion for both yourself and others.

Have an amazing month Virgo.

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