General Tarot Spread for June 1 – June 7, 2020

The first card is the 5 of Wands, which suggests force of will, challenges and competition. Of course we have been seeing this over the last few days in many areas, particularly the riots which have unfortunately been taking place. There is an air of opposition and blockages for most of us this week, which will show us our strengths and weaknesses. We may face difficult trials, both personally and collectively and must choose how best to overcome them, in order to achieve our goals. Each trial we master, will bring about new skills and help shed prior, worn out beliefs. This week, it would be wise to hold on to the awareness that adversity and hardship, ultimately, make us stronger.

Next we have the 9 of Cups, which represents happiness, satisfaction and emotional fulfillment. Throughout the craziness this week, focus on the beauty of the natural world, knowing that this too shall pass. Fall back on your inner reserves of calm and contentedness, and realize that comfort, tranquility and good fortune will reappear in time and that you can create your own pleasure despite everything going on around you.

Last is the 2 of Swords which is also about balance and peace, and confirms what we are told by the 9 of Cups, we do have the reserves inside of ourselves, to achieve balance emotionally and mentally. There likely will be choices to be made this week and they may be contradictory. By balancing your emotions and your mind, you will find the energy to move forward, to keep on developing your awareness in order to tune into your instincts and know which is the right choice to make.