General Weekly Tarot Reading, June 8th 2020

The weeks starts with the 2 of Swords, which refers to achieving balance between two polarities, this could be about making choices between two opposite perspectives or situations. This card also speaks of determining truth from untruth by employing our instinct and intuitively resolving issues, which could be either internal or external. The 2 of Swords also asks us to listen to opposing points of view with an open mind and to not allow our thoughts to become the enemy, but instead to calm any anxiety and create calm and positivity.

The Page of Wands is here to help create the positive frame of mind initiated by the 2 of Swords and alludes to the spark of an idea or some kind of revelation, releasing us from previous doubt and fear and showing us new possibilities. The Page promises a high energy week, where we will begin to see that anything is possible.

Now we have the Queen of Coins to temper this high energy, helping us to create the calm spoken of by the 2 of Swords. This Queen is very family orientated, sympathetic and loyal and represents security and comfort achieved by stamina and perseverance. She also tells us to appreciate the joy we already have in our lives and to increase it by connection with the natural world, finding emotional security and soul nourishment, through nature and family, and by doing so, coming to realise the divine flow of life.