Leo General Tarot Reading August 2020

Happy Birthday Leo!

The Lovers card suggests that you are starting this month with a decision to make. It appears to based on whether to leave a current situation or to stay in it and find a way to move forward. The Knight of Wands says that no matter the path you choose, you will do so with confidence and enthusiasm and an eagerness that is unquenchable, however, the Seven of Wands cautions to not be too defensive or daring in throwing caution to the wind, but at the same time, be ready to take a leap of faith. This could pertain to internal feelings, suggesting that you may need to stand strong against any inner workings which may make you feel less powerful and is magnified by the Three of Coins which says that going forward, you will benefit from an increased sense of purpose and identity. It is time to build a solid foundation through proper planning and with the knowledge that anything worth having requires hard work and is also necessary to provide established security. The Eight of Cups reminds you that the situation you are moving away from, was not what was best for you as it seems to have been either stagnant or destructive in some way, it says that throughout this journey you are undertaking, take note of your emotions and if you need to take a break to reflect, then do so, as ultimately, this will lead to much positivity and enjoyment of life, as well as a feeling of inner peace and bliss, as shown by the Six of Cups and carried through by the Four of Cups which represents contentment and pleasure and can also refer to affluence, whether that is emotional or material. Judgement states that if you have times of doubt during this process, know that this situation can be solved by being objective and decisive but to try to employ some impartiality, whilst ensuring that you take action to move forward. Although the Eight of Swords implies that you are stuck or restricted in someway, be aware that this is usually just in your mind but that if you do feel that way at times, patience is the answer, everything will happen and fall into place in good time. With the Ace of Cups as your overall card, this looks to be an emotional month for you Leo, but you will be more inclined towards empathy than usual and your intuition will be finely tuned, making this the perfect time for dealing with this situation. Have a wonderful August!

*Please note that this is a general reading only and may not resonate with everyone. If you would like a more personalized reading, please contact me to book an appointment.

This post is for entertainment purposes. Any decisions made because of this reading, are the individual’s sole responsibility