Leo General Tarot Reading – September 2020

Leo, the King of Wands is quite adamant that you must pursue your goals and desires this month and should do so in an assertive and confident manner. He says that you have plenty of daring this month and a desire to lead. You have so much optimism and inspiration that you can achieve much, but be careful not to force your will on others, you can get to where you are going much more easily by using your natural charm this month. The Five of Wands confirms that if you are too forceful, you will encounter frustrating situations as well as challenges to achieving your goal and that you could also face someone who is willfully obstructing you, which will lead to a feeling of being stuck, as shown by the Eight of Swords. However, this card also says that if you are feeling stuck, it is because of your actions and that by rethinking and taking a different, more peaceful and congenial stance, things will start to move forward again and the outcome will be far more positive.

Have a great month Leo.

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