Leo, tap in to your resources

Leo, your Tarot card for May is the Two of Swords. This speaks of two opposing forces, joined in battle. You seem to have chosen a path recently, that isn’t working out in quite the way you had hoped. Now you are in a situation where you need to make a choice, but you feel that you are alone. It doesn’t help that neither side of these options seems appealing to you right now. Alternatively, you are in a position of having to wait for someone else to make a decision, and it seems that they are in no rush. In either case, you need to dig deep and find the resources to be patient now. Putting pressure on the situation or the person involved, won’t help. This is a month of finding a balance until things start to move in your favour again.

Your Rune for this month is Teiwas, The Warrior. For now you must remain unattached to the outcome of the situation you find yourself in. As the month goes by, you will find that you are able to cut away the old and extraneous. You need to remain patient as you currently don’t hold all the cards. You may feel a powerful urge to push forward without restraint, but this won’t benefit you. Although it may feel as though you are just plodding along and making no progress now, be confident that things will move again when the time is right.

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