Leo season

On July 23rd, the Sun moves into Leo, where it will stay, until August 22nd. Get ready to move! After the insular Cancer season, it’s time to get passionate about life again. Leo is all about action, confidence and creativity. What can you accomplish this month? It’s time to try new things, that you have maybe, been too scared to try in the past? Put that fear behind you and have faith in your abilities. Explore your environment, accept party invitations, get out there and play! The sun rules Leo and is all about ‘I’, so put yourself out there and have fun.

Leo’s Tarot Card, is Strength. Leo is a driven sign, so this is perfect! The Strength card, typically, shows a lion, frequently, with a woman who is taming him, with her calmness. This is showing, that, despite the lion’s instinct towards raw passion, it can be channeled in a positive way, giving way to inner confidence, more subdued and pure. The strength card, represents just that, strength! It also depicts, determination. It says, instead of using force and sheer will power, show patience and persistence, remain tranquil, whilst knowing you can achieve, whatever you set your mind to.

Runes, also have a bearing on astrology, although they can be quite harsh, compared to Tarot, they still have a story to tell and a message to impart. Leo is represented by, Hagalaz and Nauthiz,. They are the runes of the sun and moon.

Hagalaz, is the rune of power and innovation, and can suggest, destructive forces. Matters being outside of your control. It speaks to patience, in order to achieve resolution and harmony. Hagalaz, cautions against unpredictability and says that, despite having been constrained in some way, it is for a reason, but after the struggle, comes harmony.

Nauthiz, backs up this theme. It is the stone of resistance, restriction and pain, which leads to strength, innovation and self reliance. It is the rune of energy and endurance, the development of strength, despite the setbacks. It signifies survival, during testing times.

As you can see, astrology, tarot and runes, all have a similar message. There may be tough times this coming month, but they will be overcome. Take as many opportunities, as you can, to have fun this month.

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