Leo, all the love this week

Leo weekly reading April 11th-18th

This week I am using the Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor

Leo, your card for this week, is

Fourth Chakra Archangel Raphael – love, compassion and self acceptance:

Raphael extends a beautiful green energy surrounded by gentle waves of pink to your heart center. This card upright indicates that you now have a greater readiness to receive love from others as well as from yourself. It could also indicate that a much-needed healing from a previous broken heart is taking place.

The tender vibrations of Raphael remind you to encourage yourself with the compassionate self-talk that you desire to hear from others. Know that as you do, the light from your heart center will shine with an irresistible beauty and the Universe will send people and situations that cause your sense of love and support to grow and grow.


My heart center, my fourth chakra, is open to its perfect, healthy, and joyful state. The energy of love flows through me now. I live in love.