Libra General Tarot Reading August 2020

Libra, August finds you analysing a situation, problem solving and trying to balance your thoughts, by taking an intellectual and objective stance as seen with the Six of Swords and enhanced by the Ace of Swords which adds divine inspiration and guidance and clarity of thought, while the Four of Swords suggests taking a break from so much thinking when it becomes overwhelming or overtaxing. In fact, it is encouraged so that you do not become emotionally drained. Temperance helps to create the balance that Libra’s always need to ensure that you bring this current situation to conception and then fulfillment by finding the perfect solution. It may be that you need to employ the attributes of the King of Wands who is assertive and self assured as well as daring and innovative, to propel you towards your goal, but the Hermit says that you probably need to turn inwardly for the answers you are looking for, by discarding any outward distractions and the Prince of Swords is giving a helping hand here by making your ideas incredibly inventive and perhaps unconventional. Next we have the Five of Coins, which suggests that this situation has needed to change for a while and you may be clinging to something which you know is not working and is stifling you, out of some perceived thought of security and the Two of Coins wants to let you know that it is time to recognise this and move away from this into a more balanced way of being, to regain your equilibrium and bringing you the clear perception promised by the Justice card and leading to a feeling of calm and purpose. Your overall card this month Libra, is the Two of Wands which says that it is time to employ new methods to achieve your individuality and shine in your own uniqueness. Seize the moment and claim your power! Have a wonderful August.

*Please note that this is a general reading only and may not resonate with everyone. If you would like a more personalized reading, please contact me to book an appointment.

This post is for entertainment purposes. Any decisions made because of this reading, are the individual’s sole responsibility