Libra, starting afresh

Libra, your Tarot card for May is the Ace of Coins. You are at a turning point in your life and are beginning a new cycle. This card can refer to financial matters, but is as likely to mean anything related to the material world. This month you will be starting something new in relation to one of these areas, whether it is a new venture, a new job or just putting more care and thought in to your health. Whatever your focus is, you can be assured of opportunity and success as well as abundance. All you have to do now, is plant the seed and watch it grow into something stable and enduring. Make sure that you are in the right mindset now and are open to trying something new.

Your Rune for this month is Raido. This is the Rune of communication and journey. Your self esteem and sense of self worth will grow now and there will be help available to you if needed. Any inner healing that you need to do will seem easier, as will self change. Any burdens that you have been carrying will feel lighter and you can see an end in sight. Life seems to get easier now and you will sense a divine support.

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