Libra Season September 23 – October 22

My apologies that this is so late, coming after Libra Season.

Libra is and air sign and is all about balance, beauty and being sociable. During Libra season, you will notice more emphasis on Partnerships, friendships and romantic relationships, given that Libra is ruled by Venus. Even if you aren’t a Libra yourself, you will find yourself looking for more balance in your life and appreciating beautiful things as well as becoming more sociable, getting out and about more than usual. However, you may also find yourself being a little indecisive about making plans. Libra likes to weigh things up before making a decision, because they tend to see all sides of everything. Libra is also about fairness and want to ensure that the people they are making plans with are just as happy with what they are going to be doing. For the most part, life tends to feel a little simpler during Libra time, and we can enjoy the simple pleasures of life more.

Libra’s ruling Tarot card, is Justice. This fits so nicely with Libra as they are represented by the scales, as is Justice, and they intuitively seek balance and harmony, yet have to learn to balance this with knowledge. The Justice Card, is the 11th card in the Major Arcarna and again 11 shows balance and harmony. It is also about rights and justice for everyone, creating fairness and equality, which is very important to a Libra. Karma is also depicted here, which is a reminder to pay attention to our thoughts and actions, something that comes naturally to most Librans.

Libra is ruled by the Runes Tiwaz and Perth

Tiwaz translates literally as ‘The God, Tyr’ and represents Justice and sacrifice. It depicts honour, leadership, sacrifice, fairness and decision making. Tyr was a warrior, who lost his hand to a wolf, while fighting to save his people. He was victorious, but at great cost to himself to ensure the safety of his clan. This rune is positive, yet carries a message of responsibility and personal sacrifice.

Perth is the Rune of Fate. It shows us that life is uncertain, a gamble. It tells us about randomness and the infinite possibilities before us. It is a feminine energy and encourages us to use our intuition, trust our gut feelings, whilst showing us that on the whole, nothing is clear or certain.