Libra, try to keep your balance this week.

Libra, your Tarot card for the week of April 5-11, is the King of Cups. Libra’s are always looking for the perfect balance in every aspect of their lives and this week is no different. It looks as though you will be dealing with other people’s out of control emotions and a similar challenging situation. When you feel off kilter, you will need to remind yourself to not act in the same way, but to stay in total control so that things don’t get out of hand. The Horse King wants you to know that he will lend you the power to go the distance and that there will be someone with a shoulder for you to lean through this. You may also find yourself with extra work on your plate and it is important for you to delegate where possible over the next few days. Despite everything you have going on, there could be an opportunity to make your dreams come true this week. If that comes along, take it and soon you will be riding to victory.