Mars in Cancer – Strengthening Connections

Mars moves in to Cancer on April 23rd and will stay there until June 11th. Mars isn’t at its happiest in this sign as Cancer is a little too emotional for its fiery liking. Of course there is still a positive side as this is a great time to strengthen personal connections and there is a strong protective & maternal energy. This is a great time for decluttering in all areas of our lives, whether that is mentally, emotionally or actually getting rid of things we no longer need. It is important that we all feel comfortable in our surroundings and even in our own skin now. The best way to do this is to deal with anything we have been putting off.

We will find that we swing from one extreme to another now, feeling happy and peaceful one day and upside down the next. Emotions will definitely be running higher than usual and it will be easy for us to react badly if we are pushed. Watch for passive aggressiveness, both in yourself and others for the next few weeks. Instead of flying off the handle,use this time as an opportunity to learn to ask for what you want in a positive manner. As well, try to distinguish between your own feelings and those of others, as empathy and sensitivity are enhanced by this transit.

On the plus side, we will find that we have more energy and enthusiasm for home and family matters. It will be easier to get on any repairs or improvements you have been putting off at home and we will find that we have a greater interest in domesticity on the whole. In a nutshell, go easy on yourself and others now and take advantage of the need to be a homebody and turn your home in to your very own safe haven.