Mercury Retrograde, October 31st – November 20th 2019

Mercury in Scorpio, goes retrograde on Halloween, October 31st. We all know that Mercury retrograde, can cause delays, miscommunications and technology nightmares. However, this retrograde looks like it will be a little nicer to us that usual, since it is conjunct Venus, which will make us all feel happier and more harmonious than would otherwise be the case. For the most part, we will all be feeling more loving and affectionate and will find others quite cooperative. We will, overall, be feeling more sociable that of late and will find it easy to make new friends and possibly, renew old friendships that may have gone by the wayside. Communication will be the main theme, since this is Scorpio season. We will be digging for the truth, and given that Scorpio is a water sign, it may be filled with emotion, Just be aware that Scorpio can have a sting to its tail and can be very intense, so there could also be struggles with sex, money and discussions about our feelings, if you have been holding anything back, it could come out as pent up rage now, so be careful where you aim this. The positive side, is that old problems could be resolved during this time, so long as you aren’t too controlling about things. You may even find that old loves show up during this time, but as always, remember they are exes for a reason. Try to be conservative with your money over this period, as there could be major losses with Uranus in Taurus.