Moon Oracle Reading – January 16, 2021

With much of the world experiencing some form of unrest or another, I wanted to do Moon Oracle reading for the world in general, with a start date of January 14th, 2021, when we had a New Moon in Capricorn. To that effect, we start of with the Crescent Waxing Earth Moon Card representing the past as an evolving situation. This is similar to a Past, Present and Future spread and for each, I used a Moon Phases, Moon Mansions, and a Moon Goddess card. Although this spread is not full of rainbows and unicorns, it will help show what we can expect over the coming months both regarding the political situations in certain parts of the world and regarding how the situation around the virus with affect us all.

Crescent Waxing Earth Moon – Investment:

This Earth New Moon is steady, cautious, and careful about what it is nurturing. Things will happen in time but there is no rush for this situation to be brought to fruition. Patience is essential at this point as much hard work has yet to be done, but you can be sure that this will turn into something big.

Mansion 19 – Two Paths:

This is a long reaching situation; it won’t be resolved easily or quickly. We have already seen much in the way of protests, riots, and a division of society, in much of the world and this isn’t going away anytime soon unfortunately. It could also become more widespread in the coming weeks and months. There is a need for people to begin to commit to one path as it seems that there will only be two alternatives.

Moon Goddess Hera:

Hera encourages maturity in this situation as well as maintaining your position, while respecting others’ opinions. It is important not to get into anything heated surrounding different views. This situation needs to run its course and treating ‘the other side’ badly, will not make it easier or faster. Remember we are all human beings and want the best for ourselves, our families, and our world. This is a situation that appears to be changing on some level, between March 28th and July 23rd.  It is also possible that during those times, people could suddenly change their views and take the opposing one.

Full Moon in Air – Solution:

During this phase, it seems that this situation is fairly established but in a much more calm and logical way. There seems to be more tolerance now for opposing views, or simply for the situation we are dealing with. There appears to be less fear associated now and new ways of approaching things are being recognized. Some of these were tried previously but did not really hold up or people were unable to make sense of them at that time. There also seems to be, to an extent, a relaxing of the ‘rules’ that everyone has been living under. There is more respect for people doing things their own way and a recognition that there is more than one way to do things successfully. There is a definite need to take action during this time frame.  Again, this time frame is from March 28th – July 23rd.

Mansion 17 – Sword:

This is a time for action and justice. There will be some reversals in power and fortunes and anyone who has taken advantage of people or situations, will need to be on their guard. Past wrongs can be righted at this time in the wider world and on a national and community scale. This seems to be a continuation of unrest we have seen so far but there doesn’t seem to be as anger associated as there was in the previous phase. Still, things will still be agitated.


Some situations could feel almost contradictory and blame for certain things may be placed on people who at first glance, don’t seem to deserve it. Events could be portrayed in a much worse light than they really are. Be aware but also be prepared. This isn’t a time to sit back and let things happen, and we must assess, reassess and be prepared to do what we must to achieve a happy and peaceful outcome. Things are changing now, and we are preparing to usher in a new way of life. We should see major differences by November.

Gibbous Moon Waxing in Fire – Individuality:

By now, people will be set on their chosen path and will be singular minded. We will all be anxious for this situation to come to a resolution so that we can just get on with our lives. There will be an influencing factor associated with this time, around April 21st, when we will almost be in a period that could be likened to a dress rehearsal. However, it seems that it will be December before we are really starting to feel comfortable with the way things have panned out. At the same time, around December 12th, we could collectively have a feeling of sadness relating to the way things were.

Mansion 15 – Bouquet:

We can expect the unexpected now, but in a good way. Collectively we will begin to feel happier and more loving that we have in a long time. The changes that have been brought about are now starting to be seen in a positive light and we can see that there are benefits which will be long lasting. We may even be feeling excited for the future and the prospect of new activities.


This is a time for being ruthless in sticking to plans as we navigate the future, as it is imperative to success. It will be clear by now that the path many others chose, was not the best one, but it is important not to gloat as there seems to be karma attached to that behaviour now. We need to remember that no one came out of the last couple of years unscathed and it is imperative to be sympathetic, empathetic, and understanding towards our fellow humans. Although things may not be perfect in our world still, we have seen a good deal of change and have proven how resilient and adaptable we are as a species. Now is a time to look forward.