New Moon in Leo 2019

Following the eclipses of July, we have a new moon in Leo, July 31st. A new moon, is a time to reset, and put your intention for the next month, out there. It is a perfect time, to sow the seeds of ideas, that will see signs of fruition, at the full moon in Aquarius, on August 15th, and grow bigger, over the next six months.

The eclipses, may have brought about big changes in your life, but they would have been to clear out, the unnecessary or unwanted, things that no longer serve your highest good. As chaotic, as it may have been, you will eventually be grateful for the way things are turning out.

It is time now, to let go of your doubts, time to take life by the hands and move forward to bigger and better things. Time to leave the baggage of the past behind and believe in your dreams and ability to fulfill them. Leo is all about creativity and confidence, and with the sun and moon there, you should have both, in spades. Take full advantage, spread those wings and fly!