New Moon in Scorpio, October 28th 2019

This new moon in Scorpio, along with the Sun and Venus, while Mars is in Libra, Saturn and Pluto remain in Capricorn and Uranus is still in Taurus.

This new moon is all about love and money. this is a great time to work on any relationship issues. Are you on the same page? Are you equally committed to your future? Are your financial goals in sync? Are you withholding, but expecting your partner to fix things? Is your relationship fulfilling and nurturing, on all levels? There could be restlessness or a need for freedom for either or both parties, be careful not to create too much distance between you, if you are feeling the need for independence, on either an emotional or financial front. Scorpio is about deep and intense feelings, which some of us may find overwhelming at this time, not necessarily even understanding what it is that we are feeling.

The Sun and Moon are in partial opposition to Uranus, so expect the unexpected. This is about our intuition and self awareness, you could suddenly come to a realisation about yourself, your subconscious awakening to things you have kept buried, perhaps a realisation that it is you that is holding you back, rather than any external forces or circumstances. This will perhaps create a need to want to break free, but with the logical knowledge that it may not be the best thing in the long term, along with a feeling that others do not really understand us. There is a need for compromise and an acceptance of differences, as well as leaving past hurts, right there in the past, particularly in romantic relationships. There is a possibility for sudden, physical attraction to someone, but be aware that it may not be a lasting thing, and within a short time, you could be just as suddenly turned off them, if there is no depth to their personality.

With Mars and Saturn involved, there could be a push me pull you feel to things over the next few days, with Mars’ aggression causing us to want to move forward quickly, versus Saturn wanting us to move at a slower pace, so that we have more chance of getting things right. Pay extra attention to safety, as there is a higher potential for accidents, especially in the work place, slow down and be cautious about whatever it is you are doing. There could be conflict and rebellion in your life, or perhaps just around you, or else just a general feeling of crankiness in the air, or maybe it is you that is feeling unsatisfied in general, which brings the risk of causing conflict for conflicts’ sake.

This new moon is a work in progress, with the full outcome being seen in May of 2020, so whatever you start, make it positive and for your highest good.