New Moon in Virgo, August 30th, 2019

On August 30th, the new moon, joins the sun, in Virgo. As we know, Virgo is all about organising, decluttering and planning. This is a double whammy of that energy, so get ready to be busy! A new moon present’s an opportunity for a fresh start and there is an emphasis on new beginnings. In the case of a Virgo new moon, it is all about focusing on the practical, and getting into a healthy, and beneficial, new routine. Set your intention and grab opportunity with both hands, using the available energy, to grow your projects so that they can flourish, over the next six months. Find a fun new exercise program, maybe one that finds you in the midst of a new group, of like minded friends. This new moon has emphasis on sharing and helping others, so perhaps you will find a new regime that involves caring for both yourself and family or friends. Be careful though, not to be too hard on yourself, concentrate on the positives and not on any flaws you think you have. Stay grounded and try not to be critical, of yourself or others.