November 10th 2021 – Could be an interesting day.

Mercury and Mars, both in Scorpio, are conjunct at 7 degrees today and are squaring the Moon and Saturn which are also conjunct at 7 degrees Aquarius. Scorpio will be causing us to feel restless, flighty and intense. Aquarius will be intensifying the intensity and giving us the need for independence, preferring to be left alone to do things our own way. It will perhaps be a day of narrow thinking and communication might feel forced and limited. Uranus is also involved and there could be shocks or surprises along the way. Although it is hard to know whether it will be good or bad, spend the day focusing on a clear goal. If you feel as though you are hitting brick walls, take a deep breath and wait it out, as this is a fast moving energy. If you have planets at 7 degrees in the fixed signs in your own chart, take extra care to control your temper today, as it could backfire and possibly in an unexpected way.

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