Pisces General Tarot Reading August 2020

Pisces, you seem to be craving solitude right now and are more focused on your inner world. Superficiality is not for you at the moment as you appear to have questions that need answering, mainly by your own intuition, which, the Priestess says, you have in abundance, but she also advises that you look at the larger reality for any information which may be hidden. The Five of Coins suggests that you may have been holding on to something that represented security to you but that the structure is no longer as solid as you once thought. Know though, that this is pushing you towards real security and peace of mind. The Queen of Cups points out that it is in your nature to mirror other people’s emotions and to soak them up, so be sure that everything you are feeling is real and not just a projection from someone close. The Nine of Coins says that regardless, you will grow from this experience and will be rewarded by a new realisation of the simple pleasures of life and a heightened awareness of your surroundings and the Sun enhances this by promising a realisation of your desires and the fading of worries and fears. The Five of Swords wants to reassure you that any negativity you are feeling currently, will bring about a complete transformation of the situation you find yourself in and a feeling of great inner strength as once you have moved past this, you will find yourself feeling more confident, with a vitality and determination to pursue your dreams and goals. The Two of Swords says that this time is needed to help you restore your equilibrium and peace of mind and that you will soon be inspired to take action and move towards your goal and will be feeling light hearted and mischievous, as shown by the Devil card. Your overall card is Death, which promises change leading to something much better and leaving your far happier in the long term. Have a great August Pisces!

*Please note that this is a general reading only and may not resonate with everyone. If you would like a more personalized reading, please contact me to book an appointment. This post is for entertainment purposes. Any decisions made because of this reading, are the individual’s sole responsibility