Pisces General Tarot Reading – September 2020

Pisces, the Page of Coins of new beginnings and whether that is just an idea that is forming for you right now, or the actual conception, the possibilities are limitless. You have completed and processed what came previously and are ready to move forward. However, the Five of Cups suggests that in some ways you are experiencing a sense of loss or sadness related to the past, regardless of whether this was a positive or negative situation. It seems that you are finding the change difficult to cope with, but the Three of Coins says that it is time for you to move on with a sense of purpose. You have the ability now, to create the future you desire and bring about the stability and structure that you need, through proper planning and preparation and to do so with people who make you feel heard and as though you are part of a team.

Have an amazing month Pisces

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