Pisces Season February 19th – March 20th, 2020

Pisces is a water sign and is the last sign of the Zodiac, bringing about the end of the astrological year. Pisces tend to encompass a little of each of the other signs in their personality and are known to be the most intuitive sign. As this astrological year comes to an end, it is time to release all of the old which isn’t working for you, in order to make way for the new. It is time to look back on the last year and take note of all you have achieved and congratulate yourself on how far you have come. How can you take this into the future with you and build on it? It is important not to get too hung up on the things you didn’t like or didn’t work out quite the way you wanted. Pisces can be an emotional time with all the watery energy and as a result, we can be more likely to indulge in escapism, including over use of alcohol or drugs, so be careful to keep that under control. This is also a good time to explore spirituality and learn how to let go. Pisces isn’t about control, so this is a good time for leaving those traits behind, as well as forgiving past mistakes, both your own and others’. Pisces is a much more open sign than the other water signs, they allow themselves to be vulnerable, which of course is the opposite of control. Embrace love and compassion this month, have faith and watch your world open up!

Mercury is also retrograde in Pisces from February 17th to March 10th. Mercury is known to rule communication, I have been trying to write this post for the last two weeks, but although there are no negative aspects to this retrograde, I have been unable to find the block of time needed. Mercury RX, is technically a time to slow down and find the energy we didn’t realize we were short of, however, I personally have been busier than ever, painting and spring cleaning my home and also dealing with a horrible chest cold that just won’t go away. It’s no surprise that as a Libra, Mercury is currently in my 6th house of health and lifestyle. My rising sign is Sagittarius and so Mercury is also transiting my 4th house of home. I have Mercury RX in my Natal chart, so I always find these retrogrades to be a busy time. How is Mercury retro affecting you?

As well, Saturn is about to move into Aquarius from March 24th to July 1st. After that it will retrograde back in to Capricorn, until December, when it will return to Aquarius for the next couple of years. Saturn has been in my 4th house of home for the last couple of years, and I think that it is quite pertinent that I have spent a good portion of the last month, very much focused on clearing out the old at home. If you are familiar with your own chart, look to see what house Saturn is in for you.

I will write a focused post on Saturn in Aquarius soon, but for now, I expect you will all be happy to hear that things in general, are about to get a whole lot lighter for most of us. We will have a taste of what’s to come there over the next three months, but will revisit the issues we have been dealing with over the last 2.5-3 years, between July and December, Saturn’s way of making sure we really are leaving the past in the past.