Pisces Tarot Card & Rune Stone

Pisces’ Tarot Card is The Moon and is so fitting given the sensitive nature of Piscean’s. Pisces is imaginative, creative, compassionate and empathetic, traits we also associate with the Moon. Pisces also rules the 12th house of secrets, dreams and escapism. The Moon card suggests that things are not always as they appear and that we may in fact be suffering from idealism, it is also about our shadow self and depicts the coming together of our conscious and subconscious selves. Perhaps this is also a time of realizing and using, our psychic abilities and also to come out of the shadow’s and into the light.

Pisces ruling Rune Stones are Othila and Dagaz.

Othila symbolizes the wisdom of our ancestors. This card fits well with Pisces as they tend to have a little of the traits of each zodiac sign and are the last sign of the zodiac. Othila says that you have inherited the spiritual knowledge from your ancestors and now need to integrate that into your future path. This stone can also depict family property, inheritance and heritage that can be passed on.

Dagaz is the last rune and literally means ‘Day’. It symbolizes the dawn and awakening. It says that you have reached the end of the beginning of your journey, you have woken and begun your enlightenment. It is the stone of positive energy which also blocks negative energy. Dagaz is able to transform a situation, turning it on its head and allowing you to begin a new cycle.