Scorpio, so much energy!

Scorpio, your Tarot card for May is the Queen of Wands. Your energy is enviable. You will be rushing around at top speed this month, juggling and keeping many balls in the air. You will be organizing your life and feeling passionate about something. Take care to stay positive though as you will be just as likely to feel chaotic and forgetful as you are confident and optimistic. If you stay on top of things and allow nothing to get you down now, you will find all the multi tasking easy. It is important to see the humour in things as this will keep you feeling cheerful and you will be able to clearly see the abundance you will have once things settle down.

Your Rune for this month is Berkana, reversed. There is the possibility of an event interfering with your growth now. It could be linked to a decision that you made some time ago. Try not to be dismayed, instead look at it again and vow to be more diligent. If you look back you will see that there was something specific that brought this about. You will be able to put things right, but you may have to go back to the beginning and start again.

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