Scorpio Season October 23 – November 22

Scorpio Season is a time of transformation and truth. Scorpio is emotional and powerful and likes to get to the bottom of things. This is a time for letting go of what no longer serves us and transforming the things that we want to hold on to. We can make big and important changes now, as well as deepening our emotional bonds, taking back our power and control of our own lives. Where most of us prefer to skirt around the darker side of life, Scorpio embraces it, they love to delve to the depths of things, even when they are not pretty, as they like to ‘clean house’. Scorpio can be passionate, and ambitious, soft and emotional, but if you wrong them, they will become angry and vindictive and won’t let things go, until they have hurt you in return, so be careful not to get on their bad side, Scorpio natives can hold a grudge like no other sign. They can also be manipulative and become fixated on an issue. However, if things are going well, they can be very loving and protective. Watch for these themes in your life during Scorpio time, since they love intimacy, you could be searching for the same, yet only indulging in hook ups, which will not bring the same satisfaction. Also, rein in those emotions, if someone gets your back up. Enjoy this time of getting in touch with your feelings and looking for the deeper meaning of life.

Scorpio is ruled by the Death card in Tarot. This goes along with Scorpio’s need for transformation, and does not depict actual death. It depicts an ability to let go of things from the past, in order to move on to powerful new beginnings, which serve us much better. It shows us what we can look forward to, if we can let go our fear of ‘death’, ie: change and embrace the future.

Algiz and Sowilo are the Runes which rule Scorpio.

Algiz is about opportunity and success, it is an optimistic and protective rune. Algiz speaks of success accomplished by hard work and determination, that your searching is over and shows peace and security, after hardship.

Sowilo is again, a positive card. It translates as Sun and depicts good health, success and power and is relative to relationships as well as business, giving motivation and energy, to create much needed changes.