Taurus General Tarot Reading – September 2020

Taurus, the Six of Wands suggests that you pursued your goals with a vengeance last month and you are about to (if you have not already), experience some kind of victory related to that. It seems that you are feeling quite optimistic about your current position and have accomplished something that you only previously dreamed of. However, the Hanged Man tells you that you must pause before moving on to the next stage and that you need patience now, as things are slowing down slightly for a while. It is a time to go with the flow but don’t be tempted to go back to old ways and habits, this is just temporary, things will begin to move forward again soon. The Knight of Cups says to keep your own counsel and show a calm face to the world, no matter how impatient or out of sorts you feel. Know that you have the willpower to wait this out.

Have an amazing month Taurus.

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