Taurus a month of change and surprises

Taurus, your Tarot card for May, is Justice. Any decisions you make this month, will have a long term impact. It is important that any choices you make, are based in truth and fairness, as you will likely be judged on this. Follow the right procedures and make sure that you fully understand any tasks you undertake. It is important to pay attention this month. It is also possible that you have been unsure about something recently, and now you will find a solution. This is a karmic month and you could find the past coming back to you, for good or bad. If you have been pained by a person or situation, this is a time where you will finally find relief.

Your Rune for this month is Pertho. Pertho is the Rune of initiation and secrets. There could be surprises, gains or rewards this month, that you had not anticipated. Make sure that your intentions are pure and take guidance from within. Anything that you put out into the world, will take you into your future so it is important that you don’t give mixed or misleading messages or decisions. This is the Rune of Prophecy and revelations so pay attention to signs and synchronicities.