Taurus Season – April 20 – May 20, 2020

Taurus, the sign of the Bull, is an earth sign and tends to be more steady and grounded, than the previous sign of Aries. Taurus likes to plan and build and loves a practical and sustainable plan. In much of the northern hemisphere, we are planning or beginning to plant our gardens. This is perfect for Taurus, slow, steady and productive, like the eventual growth of your garden. Taurus is quite detail orientated and patient with an eye on the bigger picture, to ensure the best outcome. It is time to plant seeds for the future, in every aspect of our lives.

This sign is also ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, so is known for its sensuality and love of luxury and indulgence. This is a great time for self care and for beautifying your space. Although Taurus has a love for the finer things in life, they care little for anything gauche or gaudy, quality is very important to them and they also love to love.

After the upheaval in our world over the last couple of months, and the many changes most of us have endured, it should be a calmer time over all, even if we can’t get back to normal life. For lots of us, the days are longer and sunnier and it is time to get outside and enjoy the weather, relax a little more than we have of late as we somewhat get used to some of the changes. It’s a great time to get creative, maybe get back to previous hobbies, or find a new one. It is also a good time to concentrate on our relationships, to build them and make them more solid, to give back to those who have been there for us and return the support they gave. Try to find joy in the small things this month and enjoy!