Taurus Tarot Card and Runes

Taurus is ruled by the Hierophant Tarot Card. Despite Taurus’ love of luxury, they tend to be practical and down to earth, which is very much depicted by the Hierophant, who is all about tradition reliability. The Hierophant is reliable and stable and holds a position of authority, all very Taurean features. He also brings a spiritual message of truth and wisdom, in a very down to earth and no nonsense way. He enjoys good communication, good food and plenty of substance.

Taurus’ Runes are Thurisaz and Ansuz

Thurisaz is a protective rune and can be indicative of sudden upheavel. It is a rune of creative male energy and can signify either attack or defense. It is helpful in changing bad habits and overcoming fears. It can also represent a new awakening after hearing news and decisions which need to be made.

Ansuz is the rune of divine breath which gives life. It is another rune of awakening, bringing a consciousness that helps us power forward, taking control of our lives. It represents stability, order, knowledge and wisdom. Ansuz brings us a message from unexpected sources and the message that it can be counted on in difficult times.