Taurus, relationships are key this week.

Taurus, your Tarot card for the week of April 5-11, is the Two of Swords. There is a sense of limbo around one particular partnership, and you might have to wait on someone to make a decision. Try to remain patient and don’t be tempted to put on any pressure. Although you may be feeling frustrated and stuck, time will resolve things and you will once again have a feeling of peace. At the same time, make sure that you are seeing things clearly. It is possible that all is not as it seems. The Sacred Union card wants you to know that divine help is with you, always listening and by your side. You also have people you can call on to advise you if you ask. Partnerships in general are a focus for you right now, and are for the most part very harmonious. No matter what form they take, you will be reminded of the value of your important relationships and will see them as gifts.