Three card spread for January 21, 2020. Rider Waite deck.

The Tower – Some kind of upheaval today, but leading to better things. The Tower can indicate chaos, but this is usually as a direct result of us not initiating changes which need to be made. In these instances, our hands are forced, and although it may seem upsetting, the resulting outcome usually makes us grateful.

7 of Cups – opportunities but some could be an illusion, so be careful with your choices. Given the Tower in this spread, I would assume that the right choice will be made, either by you, or for you. This card can be about wishful thinking, so you may not immediately see that the outcome is the best one.

The Emperor – stability and security as well as leadership, are emphasized here. Following on from the previous two cards, it may be that the idea of rules and regulations are a turn off, but in this case, they are a must and will be beneficial.
Have a great Tuesday!