Virgo & Earth Energy August & September 2019

We have plenty of planets in the earth signs for the end of August, until mid September. September starts with the Sun and a New Moon, in Virgo, encouraging us all to start a new cycle of growth, focusing on spiritual, emotional and physical health. It also promotes, helping and caring in the wider community.

Mercury, Mars and Venus, also pile up in Virgo, for the next few weeks. Since Virgo is the sign of perfection, there is a possibility for arguments and confrontation, since both Mars and Venus can be critical, heated and passionate. Watch what you say over these coming weeks, as words can be misinterpreted, and consequences could be seen for some time to come, and not necessarily in a good way. Close relationships can be particularly impacted, with Venus involved. Be gentle and mindful, in your communication with loved ones, things can easily be taken the wrong way now. Mercury, in it’s own sign of Virgo, can be a little to focused on the details, causing us to overthink things, and possible communicate in less than helpful ways. Thankfully, we also have Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn, stabilising the passionate emotions and providing some grounding, by bringing some maturity to the table. The upside is that we are more ‘others’ focused during this time and are inclined to be helpful, rather than self indulgent and the attraction of feeling good about a job well done, will encourage us all to be proactive.