Virgo Season August 23rd – September 22nd

The sun moved into Virgo, on August 23rd. Virgo is an earth sign and very practical. Virgo natives can be quite critical, but more often, of themselves than others. Virgo tends to be diligent, industrious, and organised. When the sun is in Virgo, you can expect to be productive, finding any project that you are working on, particularly engaging. It is time to get organised and get back to calm and simplicity, after the high energy of fiery Leo season. Virgo likes routine and a healthy lifestyle, take the opportunity, to look at your diet and exercise regime, the next month is the perfect time to get this all in order and make sure you are taking proper care of yourself, both physically and emotionally. It is a time for getting your house in order, both figuratively and literally! Virgo loves a clean house, and will help you find the enthusiasm, to clean out those cupboards and closets. Virgo also likes to help, whether that is just doing extra to help out loved ones, or getting out into the community and volunteering. Be kind to others and to yourself this month.

Virgo’s Tarot card, is The Hermit. Virgo is known as the Virgin in astrology, so the Hermit, the loner, sits well here. That is not to say, that the typical Virgo is a virgin, in fact, most Virgo’s are rarely celibate, but that Virgo, more than any other sign, cope well with being alone. They tend to enjoy their solitude, usually using the time to meditate and reflect, solving any problems they may have to deal with. Since Virgo’s tend to be easily influenced, the Hermit helps them to retreat and regain their own individuality, looking inwardly, to find their true purpose.

Runes, also have a bearing on astrology, although they can be quite harsh, compared to Tarot, they still have a story to tell and a message to impart. Virgo’s Rune’s are Isa and Jera.

Isa (Ice) is the rune of stillness and concentration. It is the rune of ego and self and of focus. Ice is beautiful, serene, peaceful and yet can be treacherous if stepped on. Ice, as we know, is slow to melt and this rune represents the time needed, for self growth through introspection, the focus to reign in the ego, in order to not fall into the trap of superficial desires, and to promote spiritual growth. Isa can still, emotional distress, while you figure out and eliminate its root cause.

Jera represents reward, for the right actions. A perfect follow up to Isa, Jera symbolises patience, peace, proper timing and correct effort, which if achieved, is rewarded by abundant harvest. There is a need for persistent, slow, gradual change. Timing is everything. Jera tells us that ‘time changes everything’ and ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’.

I hope you have a peaceful, productive Virgo Season. Have a great month, and I will be back in time to tell you all about Libra, the month of partnerships.